Leadership Team Name
Principal Anne Melrose
Assistant Principal Kathryn Behn
R.E. Coordinator Sarah Barr
Coordinator 1 Charlotte Clay
Coordinator 1 Michele Belarra
Coordinator 1 Samantha Kalinovski
Learning Support Name
Learning Support Officers Annette Simeon
Learning Support Officers Alison Gibbons
Learning Support Officers Karen Zinnato
Learning Support Officers Christine Moy
Learning Support Officers Anne Maree Paul
Learning Support Officers Lee-Ann Tierney
Administration Name
Office and Administration Susan Benhiam-Cusack
Office and Administration Brigitta Robinson
Office and Administration Karen Zinnato
Staff members Name
Kindergarten Samantha Kalinovski
Kindergarten Sarah Walters
Year 1 Anne-Marie Haslam
Year 1 Lisa Maguire
Year 2 Nadia Bertah
Year 2 Sonia Reilly and Julie Marshall
Year 3 Audrian Aldana
Year 3 Charlotte Clay
Year 4 Mia Papakostas
Year 4 Michele Belarra
Year 5 Sarah Barr and Colleen Davies
Year 5 Brooke Baxter
Year 6 Allira Lucchitti
Year 6 Kathryn Behn and Donna Colin-Thome
Special Needs Shelley Watts
EAL/D Julie Marshall
Reading Recovery Melanie Southall
Music/Dance/Drama Linda Smart
Sport Sue Ambrose
Library Gaetand Flood
Family Educator Mary-Clare Ebbs
ISO Charo Akoury